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Premium Silver Contact Rivets Available

Short Description:

Nmt Produces Solid and Bimetal Rivets from All Precious Metal Alloys and Contact Materials on Double Pressure Machines as Well as by Means of Cold and Warm Welding.

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Product Detail

Multiple Material Combinations

Bimetal contact rivets are frequently used to reduce the input weight of precious metal. Hereby the required contact material is mostly cold or warm welded onto the copper base. The contact rivets are manufactured with a pole diameter of 0.7 to 5 mm and a head diameter of 1 to 15 mm. If requested, we can add an electroplated surface layer onto the contact rivet.

Our team would be happy to help you select the suitable materials for your application and submit an appropriate offer to you.


Why chose Noble?

(1) Experience
Foshan Noble was founded in 1992 with more than 20years of experience in the contact material field and we are one of the leading manufacturers of the electrical alloy product industry in China.

(2) Scale
Our Group owns Foshan Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd, and Zhuzhou Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd, with a total registered capital of 30 million yuan, 2021 annual sales of 0.6 billion yuan.

(3) Customers
Our products are widely used in low voltage electrical equipment, electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, relays, switches, thermastat, and other areas, the Group mainly serves Fortune 500 companies, like Schneider Electric, ABB, Omron, Tyco, Eaton, Tengen, Xiamen Hongfa and other world-renowned Electric Company.

(4) Customization
Noble provides full integrated solution for contact unit from electrical contact materials to assemblies.
We provide customized service according to the customer’s requirements. At the same time, is also committed to helping customers improve the performance of the product, providing customers with solutions, to follow the common growth of customers.

(5)Advantages of Rivets:
A)Double composite riveting efficiently saves precious metals and reduces the cost.
B)Trimetal rivets can replace solid rivets. It is widely used as moving contacts during two sides of contact, to a great extent reducing the material cost.
C)Improve the contact rivet riveting performance.
D)Apply continuous automation production.

(6)Shapes: Flat head, Round head

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