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Combining tool design and manufacture with precision focused production systems and optimized raw material feedstock, NMT always aims to give low total cost of ownership to our customers.

Established product range

STL is a truly global supplier, working with customers in Europe, Asia and North America. Our commitment to quality and the implementation of ISO 9000 systems has resulted in a culture of excellence which remains the cornerstone of NMT.

Reduced costs, increased value

NMT can assist clients on a fast and clear route to market without the high cost of an in-house design facility, providing customers with practical solutions to real problems, gained from years of hands-on experience of manufacturing in real world situations.

Innovation throughout

Technological innovation, interesting challenges and novel products are what NMT does best. By using state-of-the-art technology we can assist clients in finding optimised solutions, potentially saving them millions of Euros each year.

Post time: Aug-16-2023