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Foshan Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. Wins ECOVADIS Silver Certification

EcoVadisFoshan Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. has made a significant breakthrough in its sustainability efforts by obtaining the prestigious Silver Certification from ECOVADIS, a globally recognized corporate social responsibility and sustainability assessment organization. This certification acknowledges NMT’s outstanding performance in various aspects including environmental impact control, labor rights protection, ethical business practices, and sustainable procurement strategies.
ECOVADIS sustainability rating is a comprehensive evaluation system based on internationally recognized standards, covering four main themes: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics, and sustainable procurement, with a total of twenty-one detailed indicators. This rigorous assessment mechanism aims to help companies identify and improve their non-financial risks in the global supply chain, enhance their sustainable development capabilities, and competitive advantages.

Regarding the achievement of the ECOVADIS Silver Certification, Wang Naiqian, Chairman of NMT, stated: “This is not only a recognition of our relentless efforts in sustainability over the past few years, but also an incentive for continuous improvement and development in the future. Through independent third-party evaluations like ECOVADIS, we can more accurately position the sustainability level of the company within the industry and demonstrate our firm commitment to environmental-friendly production, responsible operation, and green development to our customers, partners, and the public.”

Attaining the ECOVADIS Silver Certification signifies that NMT has not only excelled in product quality and technological innovation but also reached the international standards in environmental friendliness and social responsibility. This accolade will further consolidate the company’s position in the domestic and international markets, providing strong support for future business expansion and attracting more attention and support from globally conscious partners and consumers.


In summary, the ECOVADIS Silver Certification is a significant affirmation of NMT's commitment to sustainable development strategy. It not only enhances the company’s brand value and social image but also sets a good example for the entire industry chain’s sustainable transformation. In the future development process, NMT will continue to uphold green principles, actively promote industrial upgrading, and strive for a high degree of integration between economic and social benefits.

Green Contact for Better Life. NMT has business segments of Contact Materials (in forms of powder, wires, clad strips & profiled), Contact Components (in forms of tips and rivets), Contact Assemblies (in forms of welded assemblies and stamping assemblies), and Silver Paste, which enable us to offer our customers integrated & cost-effective solutions with complete and reliable manufacture and quality control.

Post time: Feb-19-2024