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Celebrating International Women’s Day for an equal future

Today, we warmly celebrate International Women’s Day, which is a special day to pay tribute to women and advocate equality. On this memorable day, the labour union of Foshan Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. prepared gifts for all female workers, and the chairman Liu Fengya, the vice-chairman Guo Pengfei, sent holiday blessings to the female workers one by one.


International Women’s Day is not only a time to celebrate women’s achievements, but also an opportunity to call on all sectors of society to work together to achieve gender equality. We need to recognise that every woman is an important force in the progress and development of society, and their contribution cannot be ignored.

The theme of this event is “Creating an Equal Future”, and we encourage everyone to take part in promoting gender equality. Whether at home, in the workplace or in society, we need to work together to eliminate gender disparities and create a more just and equal future.

Once again, the trade union of NMT. expresses its respect for all women, and at the same time calls on society to act together in an effort to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination. Only on the soil of equality can society thrive and everyone be able to show their full potential.

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Post time: Mar-08-2024