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ABB Electrification Innovation Week 2024

Recently, ABB Electrification Innovation Week was held in Xiamen under the theme of "Innovation to transform the energy future". During the Innovation Week, more than 200 government leaders, opinion leaders, experts, business representatives, partners and end-users gathered together to exchange views and discuss the "opportunities and challenges of the energy future". During the event, ABB officially launched the world's first SACE Infinitus solid-state circuit breaker compliant with IEC 60947-2 in China, which empowers safe and energy-efficient DC power systems. In addition, more than 20 innovative electrical products and solutions were released, including: 40.5kV VD4 vacuum circuit breakers, PrimeGearZX0 environmentally friendly digital gas-insulated cabinets, UniGearZS1 500 digital power distribution equipment, MNS digital switchgear, Emax 2 Harness circuit breakers double power automatic switching system, AFC series of AC contactors, intelligent sensors Fusion A, and ABB's AFC Series. contactors, intelligent sensors Fusion Air, eOVR intelligent surge protectors, InSite2.0 new generation terminal energy efficiency management system, i-Home Dechang series wireless intelligent home system, A-Reli series DC panels, 110kV cable accessories, and newly upgraded service business system, etc., which are applicable to the fields of source-network-load-storage bi-directionally interaction, energy storage, virtual power plant, DC power distribution, PV, building integration and so on. Building integration and other fields. Energy, building, industry, data centre four major industry forums held during the innovation week, in the context of energy transition to discuss future opportunities and challenges, the introduction of ABB's innovative technologies and solutions, as well as to share the industry's successful practices. Source: ABB.

ABB Electrification Innovation Week 2024


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Post time: Jun-25-2024