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2024 Foshan City 50km Walking Activity

Foshan Noble Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. (referred as Noble) is one of the outstanding enterprises in Foshan, specializing in the research, development and production of various electrical contact materials, components and assemblies. On March 23, 2024, all Noble employees actively participated in the 50-kilometer hiking event organized by Foshan Municipal Government. With the theme of “Enjoying Foshan Beautiful Views and Revitalizing Noble’s Vitality”, this event was organized by the labor union of Noble, encouraging employees to participate in more outdoor activities to feel the natural beauty of Foshan, promoting physical and mental health, and demonstrate Noble’s vitality and sense of responsibility.

This event was held in Nanhai District, everyone meets in Qiandenghu Square then started after a formal launch ceremony. Everybody walked on the green-way to experience the advanced and people-oriented urban development. Through continuous optimization, natural beauty is seamlessly integrated into every corner of the city, warming the hearts of every hard-working citizen. Participating in hiking activities not only allows employees to relax and unwind, but also enhances the emotional connection between colleagues and promotes team cohesion and collaboration.


Green Contact for Better Life Foshan Noble Metal Technology

Noble always adheres to the vision of “green contact for better life” and is committed to the development of green industries. Through this hiking activity, Noble once again demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection, encouraging all employees to cherish the environment and contribute to building a green and beautiful home. Noble will continue to promote the development of green industries and contribute to building a better ecological environment. Noble hopes more companies and employees will participate in outdoor activities, promote physical and mental health, and jointly create a positive corporate culture and atmosphere social environment.


In the future, Noble will continue to actively participate in various public welfare activities, fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and contribute to the sustainable development of China.


Post time: Mar-29-2024